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IMPORTANT: Please note the following when you are completing the attendance for your School Readiness and VPK Programs:

Please disregard the Parent Fee listed as it may or may not reflect the proper Parent Fee for the Current Unit of Care.

Please disregard the Unit of Care because the School Year flip from FT to PT has not yet occurred in the Statewide Portal.

If a child is listed TWICE on your roster, please complete the attendance for that child in BOTH records so that we can get an adequate account for the attendance for each child.

If there is a child that is listed on the ELC Attendance Sheet that was NOT enrolled for the month of August please TERMINATE that child by selecting a T on the FIRST day of the month.

If there is a child that you provided services for that is NOT listed on the ELC Attendance Sheet please add the child manually to the EFS Attendance Sheet and upload the form to the ELC Provider Portal Document Management Library. The Attendance Forms can be found on the Provider Dashboard under SR and VPK Forms.



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